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All hotel services on the guest’s device. No download needed.

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Все услуги вашего отеля сразу в телефоне гостя
  • Effective safety measure against COVID-19

    Hoteza Web makes the guests' stay safer by minimizing face-to-face contact with the hotel staff. Everything guests might like, need or ask can be addressed through the chat.

  • PMS, GRMS, and SOS integrations

    PMS guest profile syncing, personal app links and guest bill posting, easy integration with service optimization systems, room control and much more!

Get rid of all printed materials: one dynamic QR code can take the guests to your digital hotel directory within Web App. Allow your guests to order and pay for any services online, to help lighten the work load from the reception.

Works right in the smartphone browser

All hotel service avaliable straightaway. Skip the download entirely and let your guests access Web App on their smartphone.

  • In-Room Dining

    In-Room Dining

    Browse the menu, take a pick, pay online

  • Hotel Services and Bookings

    Hotel Services and Bookings

    Schedule a room cleaning or order additional pillows easily. Book a table in a hotel restaurant or explore the availability of the SPA centre.

  • Guest profile, bill overview and express check-out

    Guest profile, bill overview and express check-out

    Easily display check-out information including the bill to your guests, and allow them to avoid long lines at the reception by offering them the fast check-out option.

  • Chat with the hotel staff

    Chat with the hotel staff

    Easy communication with the hotel staff through built-in messenger — all the questions answered in the shortest time.

  • TV remote that will never get lost

    TV remote that will never get lost

    Control the in-room TV easily from own smartphone

  • Smart Room Control

    Smart Room Control

    Adjust the temperature and light level in the room through Web App

Hotel services, in-room dining, SPA and restaurant reservations, room control — everything is available to the guests from the own smartphone

Get inspired on how to promote the app

The ways guests can access the Web App from their own device

  • Printed & digital materials

    Printed & digital materials

    QR codes can be placed on printed and electronic media anywhere in the hotel. For example, display them at the front desk, in the elevator, or on key card holders.

  • Welcome Letters

    Welcome Letters

    Use welcome letters with personalised invite link to greet your guests in a unique way and allow them to start using the Web App immediately, without filling in any data: just follow the link & go.

  • In-Room TV

    In-Room TV

    Use the personal QR code that will appear on the TV screen to ease the guests into using the app by simply scanning the QR code. This way, they don’t have to log in additionally — all the information is already in the system.

  • After connecting to the Internet

    After connecting to the Internet

    After successfully connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi through HSIA, the guest will see an invitation to visit the Web App.

We can help you promote Web App in numerous ways. Connect it to your PMS, prepare a welcome email and printed materials, or redirect the guests right from the Wi-Fi connection page.

Have access to every order, at all times. Even if you’re not at the reception.

A single admin panel allows you to manage guest orders from a computer and from a smartphone. Connect your notification to Telegram bot for the best responsiveness. You won’t miss them even when you’re not around computer.

Доступ ко всем заказам
Доступ ко всем заказам

Completely matches the hotel’s corporate identity

Hoteza Web has unlimited customization options that will be in full compliance with the corporate identity of the hotel.

Варианты кастомизаций
Варианты кастомизаций
Варианты кастомизаций

You’re in good company

More than 500 hotels all over the globe are Hoteza customers

Easily connected to online payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank card payments or posting to guest account through PMS.

What hotels say

Caroline Rowe photo

We were very happy to work with Hoteza. This solution gives us huge flexibility to give the guest an exciting, tailored experience. It’s also very easy to use and update for my team!

Caroline Rowe

Director of Marketing & Communications, Media One Hotel Dubai

Vasja Čretni photo

Hoteza has enabled us to extend the reach of our in-house marketing. In-house sales and event visits went up enormously.

Vasja Čretnik

Marketing and sales manager, Terme Olimia & Terme Tuhelj

Elshan Babaev photo

Together with Hoteza, we have made a big step forward. Hoteza is an innovative way to enhance the guest experience.

Elshan Babaev

General Director, The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel

Reviews from guests

    • Фото посетителя

      Emilly Barrett

      I’m a vegetarian and it’s always a pain to go through every menu item when ordering. Concierge showed me how to filter before ordering the food, so much easier! The food was delicious, and the fact I did not have to read through hundreds of ingredients made it so much easier!

    • Фото посетителя

      Christopher Doyle

      There’s no need to find people around the hotel to communicate — saves so much time on a business trip to just open the chat and ask the question, even in the middle of the night. The magic of technology.

    • Фото посетителя

      Margaret Sims

      On my way to the hotel, I checked the email and clicked to the link to get to the app — my information was logged in, I did not have to do a thing, just order some food which was waiting for me by the time I got to the room.

    • Фото посетителя

      Clare Hamilton

      The staff is friendly even under the masks and their hospitality extends to the whole stay! The web app greeted me by my name with a welcome message from the general manager himself! Five star experience!

    • Фото посетителя

      Thomas Fletcher

      I scheduled a back massage the second my plane landed. I went straight from check-in to SPA, no need to call anyone. Best experience ever!

    • Фото посетителя

      Benedict French

      Just scanned the QR code in the room and during my entire stay, I ordered room service right from my phone. While I relaxed by the pool I ordered my dinner to the room and before I was back, the food was already waiting for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Launching the web app is a joined process between hotel and Hoteza, so the activities will depend on various things: from design customization and approval, delivery of the content information and visual materials, type of the property, etc. It usually takes around 2 weeks or more to set the system up.

  • The customized URL will look like this: hotel.hoteza.app.
    Instead of 'hotel' — the name of your hotel.

  • The contents of the application depends on the hotel and what they want to communicate to the guests. Most often, content contains basic hotel information and directory, overview of the services with the possibility to request them, hotel in-room dining menu with the possibility of ordering, as well as any other services the hotel can offer: booking of their restaurant tables, SPA treatments or gifts available for purchase in the hotel gift store.
    Hotels often use web app to display information about the special events, promotions or any other experience guests might find enjoyable during their stay.
    The content can be sent in any format convenient for you: we will fill out everything for you. After deployment and integrations, the hotel staff can independently edit the content through an intuitive admin panel (CMS).

  • To customize an application design (logo, color scheme and fonts) — a hotel brand book is required. In case there is no hotel brand book, the application can be customized based on the official hotel website design with logo provided.

  • PMS integration is available in Pro version and provides the following benefits: — automated guest profile syncing between PMS and Web App; 
    — billing to guest room; 
    — automated welcome mail or WhatsApp message upon check-in with personal QR code; 
    — sending messages to guests right from PMS; 
    — viewing bill and express checkout.

  • Payment gateway integration is available in Pro version. Purchases are processed right into the hotel account via connected payment gateway.

  • Online card payments, Apply Pay, Google Pay. Local fast payment systems may be connected upon request.

Start effectively selling hotel services online

Hoteza Web will help you optimize your reception, increase your average bill and make your guests even more comfortable.